Thursday 28 June 2012

Car Logs Added to

Started moving my car logs over to Again, I am making use of Blogger for ease of use and backup.

I have been keeping a running log of work, maintenance and anything of interest to do with my cars for the last few years. This is my own kind of service history. So if I try to sell a car I can show the buyer a log of all that's happened to it whilst I have owned it.

Also, I try to make some of the work I do into DIY guides which will hopefully be useful to others.

I have only got the Volvo (my current car) copied over so far, but will back-fill the older logs and guides soon.

Tuesday 19 June 2012

New Blog for New Domain -

Thought I would make use of Google's Blogger service instead. That way if my site goes a bit Pete Tong, I don't loose everything. Plus the integration with Google services (e.g. Google+) is a lot neater.

My new blog address is

I use j0nr for most of my online activity, so wanted it as a domain. I have had for ages, but its a bit long and cumbersome,  plus I want to move my personal stuff away from there eventually as I may want to keep it for more work related stuff.

This will be my personal blog about all things that interest me. I will probably move all my car related stuff over here but on a different blog.