Wednesday 13 October 2010

Vulcan Bomber Spotted

Today I went out at lunchtime to watch a few work colleagues fly their model planes, and which were quite nice. There were two regular looking planes, one of which was a P51 Mustang (Caddillac of the sky) and also a really great looking bi-plane. They were all quite large scale models.

Whilst watching we were quite amazed at the odd sight of a real life bi-plane flying over, which seemed to odd coincidence as it's not every day you see one, especially not when currently flying a model one!

But then, to add to the bizarre aeronautical experience, low and behold in the not too far distance, a bloody great Vulcan Bomber came flying by! I couldn't believe what I was seeing! It was far enough away to be rather quiet but that just added to the impression of how large it is as it looked huge even in the distance.

It was flying very low and pretty slow and was accompanied by a smaller plane which just looked miniscule in comparison. Unfortunately it didn't come over head but made a long circle around us.

Even more bizzarely coincidental was the fact that I had been standing under one of these the previous weekend in the RAF museum, London (an excellent place to visit). When under one it is absolutely massive!

Apparently this is the only one left flying now an looking it up today it looks like it's not likely to be flying any more. They need to raise a lot of money to keep it air worthy. Check out the appeal website.

Feel privileged to have seen it.

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