Friday 14 June 2013


Just experimenting with Cinemagraphs. This is my first attempt made from a short video clip. Its by no means perfect, I haven't tried to make the image look 'nice', its just as it came out the camera. Ignore the dodgy leaf movement.

Link to Google+ post for bigger image

This was all created on Ubuntu.

I edited the clip in Avidemux to narrow it down a small section with just enough frames. Then exported the video as individual JPEG frames.

I then imported these frames 'as layers' into GIMP. I then narrowed down the number of layers again to a minimum (6 in this case) that was enough to make it work (well enough to make something look half tidy but mainly to prove the method).

Then on each layer I went Menu > Layer > Transparency > Add Alpha Channel. This allowed me to use the eraser on each layer in turn to remove all but a section I want to move.

So using the Ellipse Select Tool, I drew an elliptical selection around the area that the windmill is moving in. Then I feathered the selection and then inverted the selection. I then used the eraser on each layer, EXCEPT the last layer, to remove everything except the windmill. The last layer was left in tact as the static part of the image.

Then I changed the colour mode: Menu > Image > Mode > Indexed... Chose the Optimised palette (animated Gifs can only be 255 colours).

Then, export as gif, choosing the animation option. Seemed to work OK.

What I need to figure out in GIMP, is how to apply colour effects to all layers. This does not seem to be something I can see how to do yet, hence the colour is just 'as is'.

Will try to do some more of these, as I quite like them. Better next time!

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