Saturday 14 June 2014

Barry Eisler + John Rain + Ben Treven = Awesome!

Barry Eisler
Been working my way, in order, through +Barry Eisler books, starting with the amazing John Rain series and then it had a break to follow a new character, Ben Treven.

I have been listening to them all on audio books, using +Audible, read by the man himself, +Barry Eisler, who does a cracking job, putting lots of character and drama into the readings. Some audio books are dull and monotone but Barry's are amazing. Check out Barry's books on Audible

Other formats are obviously available, I just find Audible really easy to use on my phone. Now I have a 4G connected phone, I can just download a new book when I am on the move, which I did the other day as I finished one book and was only half way through a long drive and couldn't wait! 

If you like your secret agent/ex special forces/assassin/martial arts/clandestine/violent/political/deniable ops/gritty/tense/action filled/passionate dramas then I highly recommend you give them a try.

I would say start at the beginning of the John Rain series, although not essential, but there are many references to previous storylines.

I just finished Inside Out which is Ben Treven book 2 and was so excited at the end when Dox and Rain were mentioned and Ben is to go find them in the next book, The Detachment! Cannot wait (until Monday)!

Check out Barry's website and blog.

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